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This application must be completed in one sitting. You will receive email confirmation after your successful completion of the application. Most further correspondence with you will also be with email. Please be sure your email contact information is correct. 

All applications need to be completed on-line so that we have searchable records for current and future openings. 

Please note: This CCA online application is part of the review process for all employment opportunities on our team not just for chaplain positions.  

If you experience any difficulty with the submission of this application, please send an email to:

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I acknowledge and affirm that the information provided by me in this Application, including all attachments and exhibits, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
I hereby authorize Corporate Chaplains of America, Inc., or its designee, to conduct a complete investigation of my background, character, reputation, and fitness. I understand that any offer of employment will be contingent upon the successful completion of such an investigation, and that I will be notified in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681b(m)(a) in the event that any information found in my credit report is used as grounds to deny employment. This application shall constitute authority to all of my past and present employers, to all educational institutions I have attended, to all religious institutions and other organizations to which I have been associated, to all government entities (including criminal records check), and to any other person or entity having information about me, to fully disclose such information to Corporate Chaplains of America, Inc. I authorize the making and retention of photocopies or facsimiles of all such information, and request that photocopies or facsimile copies be accepted on the same basis as original documents.          

I Agree With The Above Statement          

Corporate Chaplains of America

What we believe-our Statement of Faith:

The following is a brief summary of the doctrinal core beliefs of Corporate Chaplains of America. It is not intended to be an exhaustive systematic theology but a framework that we can mutually agree upon.

About the Bible: We believe that the Bible as originally written is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

About God: We believe that there is one and only one living and true God; that He eternally exists as three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; that all three are eternally equal in nature, attributes and perfection.

About Jesus: We believe Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit by the virgin Mary, lived a physical life on this earth and, being fully God and fully man, was without sin.

About Salvation: We believe that all mankind sins and as such, no one has the ability to save themselves by doing good deeds or by being a 'good person'. It is only through accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord that one can receive eternal life in Heaven. Salvation is available to anyone who acknowledges by faith that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins, rose bodily from the grave, and asks Him to forgive them of their sins and save their soul.

About Ministry: We believe that, as Christians, it is a responsibility, a duty and a joy to spread the Word of God to all who will listen.

          I Agree With The Above Statement of Faith          

Corporate Chaplains of America

Corporate Culture

We exist to be ambassadors of Christ effectively presenting the Gospel in and through the workplace. In CCA we hold to these tenants of faith in the hope that in our ministry and individually we would be transparent examples of the transforming power of the grace of God through Jesus Christ. We want each employee to strive to exemplify holy living. The Lord Jesus Christ is the standard by which we are to understand and judge what a holy life is. We want to conduct ourselves according to the model set forth by Him.

We feel it is important to:

  • Have a quiet time of devotion and prayer each day
  • Be involved in a local church
  • Exhibit a servant’s attitude
  • Pray daily for our fellow laborers
  • Be team players in cooperation and positive good will
  • Use the Peacemaker ministries model for ministry conflict
  • Be good stewards of the resources God has provided. This would include our personal finances and support of our local churches.

At CCA we promote a family friendly environment. Therefore, we encourage our employees to be intentional about work/life balance. Any person who is divorced while working for Corporate Chaplains of America must disclose this situation and go through a management review process.

To avoid a potential conflict of interest and conflict of schedules, it is our desire that full-time employees limit outside additional employment and get approval from CCA regarding that employment.

We believe that the body of the believer is a temple of God and the vehicle through which we serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we desire our employees to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. The use of tobacco in any form, marijuana, illegal drugs, pornography, alcohol (except for those who are members of congregations that use wine as part of Communion), or any language that is vulgar, profane, or suggestive is prohibited.

Please press SUBMIT once and allow a minute for the application to process. With a successful submission, you will be redirected to the Career Opportunities Page and should receive a confirmation email momentarily to verify your submission.

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